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This experience offers the possibility of participating in a full day of the Photo Workshop of the Havana's Creative Photography School that will be taught during that week. In general this Workshop lasts 5 days
Undoubtedly, Havana is the most photographed city in Cuba, but also the most filmed, the most radiated, on which most has been written. Havana is a synthesis of Cuban culture. In the different spaces there is a culture very typical of our people, of the neighborhoods, of the streets. We have the necessary diversity to be remarkably photogenic, totally spontaneous and captivating.
This workshop proposes submerging in Havana neighborhoods extremely interesting for their histories, heritage values and socio-cultural news. Unique opportunity to create images letting yourself be inspired by the past and the present.
The workshop will have the following moments:
• Conferences specialized in documentary technique,
• Conferences of Cuban culture and specifically on Havana's,
• Talks about particularities of each area to be visited (historical, heritage and socio-cultural aspects),
• Exchange with young EFCH students and graduates with experience in documentary photography,
• Photographic tour to various Havana neighborhoods to take the photographic shots with the advice of the EFCH professors,
• Advice on the selection and digital edition of the best photographs of the participants,
• Visit workshops/galleries and exchange with Cuban photographers,
• Photo Rally between teams made up of students and teachers,
• Final exhibition in the EFCH.

About your Mentor
We are professors of photography of the School of Creative Photography of Havana. Photography is ours! We are also passionate about our city and our Cuban culture.
It depends on what you want, this will be a class of photography (of the level you really need) or a walk with a lover of photography, like you, for incredible places ... or both!

PART 1 · 09:30 − 10:30
• Conferences specialized in photographic technique.
Mondays: Conference ¨ Necessary Techniques for camera controls¨. (Professor Tomás Inda).
Thuesday: Talk ¨ Esthetic of street photography¨. (Professor Márgel Sánchez)
Wednesday: Conference ¨ Lighting techniques" (Professor Magyuli Capote)
Thursday : Talk: "Necessary techniques for the digital edition"(Professor Osmany Bonet).

PART 2 · 10:30 − 11:30
Social and cultural aspects
Talk about social and cultural aspects of the place that will be visited during the day

PART 3 · 11:30 − 13:00
Selection and editing
Selection and editing work of the photographs taken by the students the day before (with the advice of the teachers of the workshop)

PART 4 · 15:00 − 18:00
Photographic Tour
• Photographic tour to various Havana neighborhoods to take the photographic shots with the advice of the EFCH professors.

Group size
There are 15 spots available on this experience.

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