About Us

It all began in 2008 with the adventure of two friends who were passionate about photography. They met on a forum and decided to promote photography training to pass on this knowledge. Learning alone and in difficulty showed them that there should be a better way for amateurs to discover and improve their photography. Especially since photographers - who have the knowledge - were demanding new activities. This project is being carried out with THE PHOTO ACADEMY, which has become a leader on three continents with more than 10,000 students per year and a team of more than 300 photographer trainers. Thanks to the practical and technical courses, they hope to transmit valuable knowledge to evolve with pleasure in both digital and film. THE PHOTO ACADEMY also offers a wide range of thematic training courses on ancient photography and historical and alternative techniques. Their passion and their team extend this energy with several initiatives that are close to their hearts, including the distribution of a certain photographic quality through a photo magazine: LOENKE MAGAZINE. Now based in Paris, Brussels and London, Raphael and Maxime, the two founders continue to promote photography and develop an ecosystem centered around the needs of photographers, allowing them to manage and offer different services (including training) and reach new customers. This system, called PICSMENTOR, centralizes the availability of photographers and the services they offer. This system - which is scalable - gives them the opportunity to create photo activities that reflect their image and are based on their expertise. Backed by this online activity management tool, the PICSMENTOR sales platform makes it possible to distribute the new offers thus produced to an ever more enthusiastic photography clientele thanks to its committed and talented community. Our age of image-based communication means that the world of photography is not monolithic but multiple. It is constantly evolving. PICSMENTOR hopes to be able to represent all the currents of this photography and invites the community of photographers to come and reflect the richness of this diversity. Passionate photographers, become a Mentor to express and share today's photography with the world.